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Λογότυπο Αλκυονίδων

Alcyonides logo design

Alcyonides' name comes from the ancient Greek myth of Alcyon. According to the myth, Alcyone was a woman who was punished by Zeus for committing an insult.

Zeus threw a thunderbolt on her husband's boat that killed him. Alcyone waited for him to return to the seashore.

However, he never came back and her disappointment led her to fall into the sea.

The gods felt pity, so they transformed her and her husband into birds (Alcyonides).

The logo is divided into two parts.

The first part shows the sad Alcyone waiting for her husband on the sea shore and the second part is an abstract Alcyone bird feather, with the colors of the bird.

It is designed in a modern style combining the ancient Greek style with the style of modern art.

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