Beethoven 250

Poster for the Ludwig Van Beethoven 250 years

The poster introduces the discussion for the 250 years after Ludwig Van Beethoven was born.

It combines both classic and modern design style.

Speakers of the discussion are six music and musicology Professors of with international careers.

Nick Kitchen - Violin Soloist, Artistic Director of the Heifetz International Music Institute / Kostas Chardas - Assistand Professor of Musicology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / Cyprien Katsaris - Pianist, Composer / Alexandros Charkiolakis - Musicologist, Director of The Friends of Music Society / Spiros Deligiannopoulos - Special Teaching Personel of Ionian University / Stratis Minakakis - PhD, Professor of Music Theory and Compotision at the New England Conservatory.